Just a Few Steps Away…

B Maciel Uncategorized

It’s like they always say, location, location, location. At Freshcraft on Blake St, we have been extremely lucky to be located so close to so many things. We are less than a block away from the vaunted 16th Street Mall and just a couple of blocks from both the Pepsi Center and Coors Field.  The Denver Convention Center is also just a short stumble away, as many attendees of the Great American Beer Festival can attest. Since we have opened, a pretty cool little craft beer district has developed and has been established within walking distance.

When the plans were announced that Denver’s Union Station was being revitalized myself and others at Freshcraft weren’t sure what to expect, or how it would affect us.  Now, a couple of years after the      re-opening, I must say that Union Station is one of the best things that has happened in Lower Downtown in a long time!  We’re extremely lucky to be just a short walk from what has become the crown jewel at the center of our city.

It’s also becoming easier and easier to get to Freshcraft.  Public transportation, walkability, and bike-ability are important to us as owners and residents of the greater Denver Metro. The light rail and commuter trains terminate at Union Station, including the A-line from the airport and the G-line from western suburbs like Arvada and Wheat Ridge is (coming soon!).  There’s an RTD bus stop just a few yards away – and the mall ride will now zip you from either Union Station or Broadway to less than a half of block from our front door. Things seem to be going in the right direction!

Whether you’re in town for work or stop before hitting the mountains (or any other sort of Colorado recreation vacation) we’re a convenient stop. Or if you’re a resident hitting a show or a ballgame – check us out before or after. I promise that we’ll do our best to help you to enjoy your time at Freshcraft and make you want to come back.

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