BrüFrouFEST 2017 is Coming Soon

Jason Uncategorized

When people think of beer festivals in Denver of course the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) comes to mind. Another one of the great festivals put on here in our great city is coming up a little sooner: BrüFrouFEST! This has been one of our favorite festivals over the years because of the focus on pairing craft beer and food.  This year they have changed up the venue and added music – it will all be going down on Sunday, July 16, 2017.

We’re excited that once again the mighty teams of Freshcraft and Horse & Dragon Brewing Company are teaming up to tackle the competition and hopefully walk away with a big dub-ya.

Our kitchen team (with Chef Dan in the lead) brainstormed for a couple days about what to do, touching on everything from satays and kebabs to mini bratwursts. Then German street food came up and of course pork belly because ya know, pork belly always comes up. Pork belly and apples came to mind with us wanting to suit them for a summer state of mind.  Logically it makes sense as pork belly is the square root of bacon, because math.

Running with the German inspiration the Horse & Dragon crew has narrowed it down to either a Kölsch or Berliner Weisse.  Both are delicious, as we dial in our recipe for the food we’re going to have to make a decision on which one to use though.

The Winning Team!

We always have fun at events and this one will be no exception! Stay tuned for more updates as the day approaches.