General Information

What kind of food will you find at Freshcraft? To put it simply – good food at a great value. We bring in fresh ingredients, and make nearly everything from scratch. The food is an innovative take on comfort foods with a few unique twists thrown in. There’s something on the menu for everyone, including vegan and gluten free options.

We have 20 tap handles of great craft beers and around 100 plus different beers in the bottle for you to pair with the food. We’re happy to help you pick out the beer that will best complement your meal. Of course you can always just hang out and enjoy a beer (or four). We also have a great selection of wines and a fully stocked bar (pssst… try our signature cocktails).

Freshcraft is the kind of place that you can feel comfortable in whether you’re in your business suit on your lunch break, dressed up for a night out, or wearing an old T-shirt and jeans with holes in them. It’s a place where you can relax. Come in on your own and use our free WiFi at lunch, bring your friends for our $4 dollar draught happy hour, bring your date for dinner, or stop by late night for some drinks and eats!

Founders’ Information

Freshcraft was created and is managed by three brothers, Lucas, Aaron, & Jason Forgy. Originally from Iowa they have decided to put down roots in Colorado and create the kind of restaurant that they would like to go to.

Lucas Forgy, Partner/Chef

Growing up in a small town in the Midwest, Lucas developed a passion for cooking. He started working in the local restaurant in his hometown at age 15. After moving to Florida and working his way through culinary school, he returned to the Midwest. While working in the Chicago area, he honed his skills by moving from one kitchen station to the next until he accepted a Sous Chef position in Milwaukee. After a few years there, he went west to focus on Freshcraft. If you look in Lucas’s refrigerator you will find various types of beer, mason jars holding stocks, pickled vegetables, and homemade soups. In the kitchen you would be surprised to find him without his Chinese chef knife, as he says it is the most versatile tool. When he isn’t in the kitchen, look for him hiking the beautiful landscape of Colorado or digging up some good music to listen to.

Jason Forgy, Partner/Owner

Jason is a self described beer geek (not a beer snob – yes, there is a difference) and a voracious consumer of nearly all things edible. He has worked at the ground floor of several start up organizations. Other than food and beer his passion is taking good ideas and making them in to reality. When he’s not at work he’s probably thinking about it, which is why in early 2008 he came to the conclusion that as this probably wasn’t going to change he should make work something that was fun to think about. On a beach in Mexico he pitched to Lucas the idea of making beer and food our business and the resulting project became Freshcraft.

Aaron Forgy, Partner/Bar Manager

AKA “The Face” … Just wait until you hear about this guy……