french-onionAll of our soups are made from scratch, right down to the stock we use in the base. The Flawless French Onion with deep Brown Ale is definitely worth coming in for. (Menu items subject to change)

Flawless French Onion | Cup 4  /  Bowl 7

A trio of caramelized onions, cooked with white wine and brandy, simmered in a veal stock and topped with melted cheeses and a house crostini.

Pair With: Scottish Ale or Saison

Ale and Cheese | Cup 4  /  Bowl 7

A creamy blend of cheddar and jack cheeses simmered in pale ale with savory onions and roasted garlic. Garnished with thick cut bacon crumbs and served with soft pretzel nuggets.

Pair With: Amber Ale or American Pale Ale

Soup du Jour | Cup 4  /  Bowl 7

Pair With: Ask our staff for recommendations