Medium Plates

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Medium Plates

Just the right size for a hearty lunch. Our medium plate selections are savory dishes inspired by comfort foods from around the United States. The southwest inspired C.C. Crimini Tacos have a depth of flavor that’s amazing with a porter. We have a soft spot for the giant Cheese Crusted Iowa Style Pork Sandwich as it reminds us of our Midwestern roots – this giant slice of cheese crusted pork on a bun is perfect with an American style pale lager or even a Pale Ale.

These lunch inspired sandwich style plates are served with your choice of hand cut fries, house slaw or for one dollar substitute handmade spudpuppies steamed or roasted veggies.

C.C. Crimini Tacos | 8.5
Cocoa chili marinated crimini mushrooms, roasted and stuffed, packed into two warm corn tortillas. Topped with southwestern slaw, tomato chunks and a Serrano citrus emulsion. (Vegan)

Blackened Chicken | 9.5
Blackened Redbird chicken breast served with citrus cream and topped with gorgonzola, served on a challah roll.

Salmon BLT Pita | 10
Fresh salmon seared and served in a warm pita with lemon caper cream, applewood smoked bacon, tomato, and romaine.

The Burger | 9.5
1/2 pound hand-pattied burger dusted with southwest seasoning, on avocado pulp. Topped with monterey jack and roasted green chile sweet corn marmalade. Finished with tortilla strips.
Available plain, build to suit, or a veggie patty

Fresh Pretzel Turkey Baja | 9
Freshly sliced slow roasted turkey layered on a fresh Hi Rise bakery pretzel bun with avocado pulp, tomato, jack cheese and our house-made spicy serrano mustard.

The B.A.R. | 9.5
Our take on the Reuben has corned beef topped with Bavarian sauerkraut sautéed with rendered bacon. Sprinkled with fresh herbs, piled onto rye bread, and topped with a caramelized apple Russian dressing and melted Swiss.

Cheese Crusted Iowa Style Pork T | 8.5
Fresh hand cut pork loin crusted in a savory herb and cheese cracker crust. Served with Dijon mustard and smoked onion ketchup and finished with house pickles.