Late Night Menu

Most of our menu is available late into the evening!

10 pm – 11:30 pm Monday – Thursday  |  10 pm – 1:00 am Friday & Saturday  |  Kitchen closes at 10:00 pm on Sundays

(Menu items subject to change)


Pretzel Bites | 5

Bite size pieces of handmade pretzel baked to perfection, and served with your choice of four cheese sauce or honey mustard.

Southern Fried Pickles | 6

Our house made pickles and serrano pepper slices, dusted with fresh corn dust and fried, served with smoky Cajun aioli.

Garlic Chile Chicken Wings | 9.5

Crispy chicken wings tossed with a garlic chile glaze then topped with sesame seeds. Served with cilantro ranch dipping sauce and celery.

Herb Crusted Cheese Dippers | 7

A selection of cheeses dredged in a strong ale batter, crusted in herbed breadcrumbs, fried to a golden brown deliciousness and sprinkled with gorgonzola. Served with smoky onion ketchup & cashew pesto.

Cup of Pickles | 4

A cup brimming with house made garlic dill pickle slices.

Small Plates

Meatloaf Sliders | Small 7.5 Full 9.5

House made meatloaf topped with cashew pesto, smoked onion ketchup, cheddar cheese and caramelized onions.

Toasty Cheese | 6.5

Cheddar and provolone with tomato on toasted white and wheat bread, smeared with cashew pesto.

Turkey Swiss | 6.5

Slow roasted turkey, swiss, mayo, and romaine lettuce on wheat.


Flawless French Onion | Cup 4 Bowl 7

A trio of fresh, slowly caramelized frenched onions and garlic. Deglazed with white wine and brandy, simmered with demi and stock, and topped with broiled cheese. Served with garlic croutons.

Ale and Cheese | Cup 4 Bowl 7

A creamy blend of cheddar and jack cheese simmered with savory onions and roasted garlic in Pale Ale. Garnished with thick cut bacon crumbs and served with soft pretzel nuggets.

Medium Plates

C.C. Crimini Tacos | 8.75

Cocoa chili marinated and roasted crimini mushrooms, sliced thick and stuffed into warm corn tortillas. Topped with southwestern slaw, tomato chunks and creamy Serrano citrus emulsion. (Vegan) (Gluten Fee)

Fresh Pretzel Turkey Baja | 10.5

Slow roasted turkey, freshly sliced and layered on a Hi Rise bakery pretzel bun with avocado pulp, tomato, jack cheese and spicy serrano mustard.

The B.A.R. | 9.5

Our take on the Reuben has corned beef topped with Bavarian sauerkraut sautéed with rendered bacon. Sprinkled with fresh herbs, piled onto rye bread, and topped with a caramelized apple Russian dressing and melted Swiss.

The Burger | 11

Half pound hand-pattied burger dusted with Caribbean seasoning. Topped with smoked bacon, cheddar, pineapple-tomato jam, on a bed of arugula with house steak sauce.
Available plain, build to suit, or a veggie patty

Cheese Crusted Iowa Style Pork Tenderloin | 9.5

Hand cut pork loin, pounded thin and crusted in a savory herb and cheese cracker crust on a roll with Dijon mustard on the bottom, smoked onion ketchup on the top and finished with house pickle chips.

Large Plates

Steak Frites | 17

Bistro filet cooked to desired temperature and dusted with fresh herbs. Served with a large portion of hand cut frites and brandy peppercorn sauce..

Red Pesto Macaroni & Cheese | 13.5    Add smoked pork 2

Elbow macaroni tossed in a smoky cumin cheddar cheese sauce, red onions, fresh red peppers, roasted garlic, drizzled with a roasted red pepper pesto and topped southwestern chile tortilla crust. We will add fresh sliced serranos if you ask for it spicy.

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