Large Plates

Creative chef inspired fare.
(Menu items subject to change)

Curried Lamb Chops | 22

Two lamb T- bone chops cooked to your liking.  Served with curried quinoa, garlic asparagus, and topped with a cranberry apple chutney.

Crispy Pork Schnitzel | 14pork-schnitzel

Thin-sliced pork, lightly breaded and sautéed until crisp. Served with caper mustard cream sauce and a warm potato & kraut salad deglazed with wheat beer.

Cassoulet | 17.5

Fresh sausage, smoked bacon, duck confit and white beans simmered with mirepoix, tomato, garlic, and sweet stout, topped with rosemary bread crumbs.  Served with crusty bread and a small winter mix salad.

Mussels Linguine | 15.5

One half pound of PEI mussels pan roasted with linguine, white wine, red onion, and arugula chimichurri. Finished with sweet cream and parmesan cheese, topped with fresh tomato and crispy garlic.

Quinoa Cakes | 13

A fresh mixture of vegetables and quinoa, seared with parmesan cheese. Served on pan roasted garlic asparagus with a spinach and arugula salad dressed in our berry pomegranate vinaigrette. (Vegetarian)

Steak Frites | 17

Bistro filet cooked to desired temperature and dusted with fresh herbs. Served with a large portion of hand cut frites and brandy peppercorn sauce.