Large Plates

Creative chef-inspired fare.

(Menu items subject to change)

Smoked Lamb Ribs  |  17

Slow-smoked lamb ribs glazed in our red wine mustard BBQ sauce. Served with a yellow-curried potato salad, green bean mushroom sauté and crispy naan.

Pair With: Kolsch or ESB    

pork-schnitzelCrispy Pork Schnitzel  |  14

Thin-sliced pork, lightly breaded and sautéed golden brown. Served over spätzle and kraut with a mustard caper cream sauce. Garnished with a cured red pepper and onion rosette.

Pair With: Hefeweizen or Pilsner 

Duck Ramen  |  17

Confit duck quarter on a bed of ramen noodles in a savory herb duck broth garnished with crimini mushrooms, green beans, onions and red pepper. Served with an orange IPA vinaigrette and a poached.egg

Pair With: Saison or Blonde Ale                       

Sofrito Swordfish  |  16.5

Seared fresh swordfish served with a mango sofrito over achiote rice pilaf, Caribbean spiced asparagus, and grilled lemon with fresh greens.

Pair With: Cider or Flanders Red

Quinoa Nicoise  |  15

Parmesan-crusted quinoa cakes served with fresh greens, cured egg, marinated olives, green beans, tomatoes, and herbed potatoes. (V)

Pair With: Session IPA or Pilsner 

Sub swordfish or salmon: 3.5

Steak Frites  |  18

Bistro filet cooked to desired temperature and dusted with fresh herbs. Served with a large portion of hand cut frites and brandy peppercorn sauce.

Pair With: Scottish Ale, Hoppy American Strong Ale