Large Plates

Creative chef-inspired fare.

(Menu items subject to change) 

Pork Belly Ramen |  16

Slow braised pork belly served with wakame, bok choy, mushrooms, red pepper, scallions and carrots in a savory Ramen broth with a soft poached egg and garlic chili sauce.

Pair With: Brown Ale or Gose

Pork Schnitzel  |  15

pork-schnitzelBreaded pork loin pan fried golden brown then served over Bavarian spätzle and a mustard caper cream sauce.

Pair With: Hefeweizen or Pilsner 


Lambsagna |  19

Lamb ragout layered in fresh pasta with smoked jack and feta. Topped with rosemary cheese and a summer vegetable relish. Hand crafted and baked to order. Served with grilled toast points.

Pair With: Pilsner or Stout                  

Citrus Chimi Trout |  18trout_2016_cropped

Pan fried trout served with citrus chimichurri over smashed reds, new world street corn and a Brussels sprout agridulce.

Pair With: Mexican Lager or Saison

Summer Vegetable Crepes |  15

Fresh crepes filled with cottage cheese and a summer vegetable medley served with marinated artichoke hearts, tomato and cucumber over a red pepper coulis with fried capers (V)

Pair With: Wheat Beer or Cider

Steak Frites*  |  18

Bistro filet cooked to desired temperature and dusted with fresh herbs. Served with a large portion of hand cut frites and brandy peppercorn sauce.

Pair With: Scottish Ale, Hoppy American Strong Ale